What’s “IN” for Marketing in 2017?

Each year, trends start to come in, some of them stay, but some of them turn into a fad. In the era of modern technology, tech wizards come up with numerous innovations that make our lives easier. We should take this opportunity to veer the wheel into our way. Stepping up our game, and using these trends to earn more customers.

Here, we will be listing trends that you should try in your business:

  1. Livestreaming

This new trend is hot on the market due to its connectivity with the consumers. People can see in real time how you are doing things. It can even be an avenue to talk to your potential customers.

  1. Bots

Gone are the days when you think bots are just popping up wasteful content and eating up memory. With the development of new technology, bots can now interact with users and can provide updates and talk to them about their needs. Cool, huh?

  1. Mobile Ads

People don’t often rely on newspapers, or even television ads when finding a product. What they do is hit up a search engine and find what they are looking for. In this regard, we must use this as a strategy to get more consumers. We must make our ads more visible in our mobile to make them more interested in buying our products.

  1.  Usage of influencers

People don’t much rely on celebrities now. Hollywood stars or celebs in general, build ‘walls’ that prevent them from interacting with users, this is where influencers come in. They are single individuals who will advertise your products, while still maintaining contact with the audience. Influencers are often easy to spot because they utilize every kind of social media platform available.

  1. Personalized advertising

A potential customer would buy, and would always come back if they can see that the product is intended for them. With this, we must often think of the customers first, make them believe they need to avail the product or service for them always to come back.

  1. Shorter but better video content

Usage of social media sites, especially Facebook, gives the people the chance to view videos in no time. Gone are the days when people have the patience to read through an article. We must produce videos that will capture their attention ASAP, the shorter the video, with of course good content, the better the performance.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Lastly, the marketing trend that will stay the longest time is using social media platforms. The introduction of social media sites has significantly affected our lives. We must fully use these sites to contact and create good content for our potential customers – but not those generic ones. With the changing of generation, people are getting smarter, and they do not want to read or watch an advertisement that is the same from what they watched yesterday. We must now formulate plans to make our social media strategies more personalized – so the people would feel that the product is intended for them.

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