Top 10 Reasons to Enter the Promotion & Marketing Design Awards by 4/24

Top 10 Reasons You Should Enter Before It’s Too Late

1. All Winners Get Published

All winners (numbers vary year to year, but last year we had 101) get published in the Fall 2017 issue of the award-winning HOW magazine, with a free copy delivered to your doorstep.

2. We Mean High-Quality Publishing

You will not find a thumbnail image of your winning project on an overstuffed page in the Fall issue. What you’ll find is a reasonably sized image (usually multiple images, actually, as big as we can make them) alongside complete credit info—and even a description of your project so that the readers of HOW can get a better understanding of it. (One reader told us this is her favorite part, and we’re sure she’s not the only one!)

3. Best of Show Gets a 2-Page Story

If you become the Best of Show winner, you get an even bigger feature in the issue. We promise at least a two-page story, but it’s been known to turn into four pages if our design and editorial teams can make it work.

4. Best of Show Wins Big Ticket to HOW Design Live 2018 & a Trophy

That’s right. HOW’s editor will present you with a gorgeous trophy on main stage. (All other winners get a discounted ticket to the conference.)

5. Everyone Has a Shot—Design Veterans and Students Alike

You don’t have to be a design veteran to win Best of Show. A student named Danielle Lee Kroll took home Best of Show in 2009.

6. Your First-Ever Entry Could Land You a Win

It’s not a fact that you have to enter a hundred times before you’ll ever stand a chance at Best of Show. The HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards was the very first competition last year’s Best of Show winner Gifts for the Good Life had ever entered.

7. You Could See Your Work All Over

If you’re a fan of HOW, you already known this: We tout our winners all over the place, like Melbourne lumber suppliers, Australian Lattice and Timber. In the magazine, on HOWDesign.com, on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest. Via press release too.

8. You Get Expert Eyes on Your Work

Charles S. Anderson, Maurice Cherry and Yo Santosa, the judges of this year’s HOW Promotion Design Awards, have years of experience as well as interesting and successful careers in the design industry—and they can’t wait to review your work with expert eyes. (Read more about them here.)

9. There’s a Perfect Category for You

The Promotion & Marketing Design Awards is the only competition that specifically recognizes outstanding promotion design work, and we mean all promotion design work. You can submit everything from a self-promo that showcases a design firm’s capabilities and a project that touts a client’s goods, to an announcement for a major life event (like a wedding or a baby shower or whatnot) and a student designer’s portfolio. (See all categories here.)

10. Past Winners Are Loving It

Last year our winners got some great coverage, one of the best was a business that got a lot of coverage for tuxedo rental in Austin, Texas and tux rentals in Dallas, TX. Literally changing their business almost overnight, the same could do the same for you.


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